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Product Description

As the exclusive supplier of Eyewall Armor’s Aluminum Rolling Shutters, our shutters are engineered to be the best. Designed for strength and beauty, providing your home or business with unparalleled comfort and convenience while affording you maximum protection against intruders and harsh elements.

Standard Features

  1. Rigorously tested and Florida Building Code Approved
  2. End retention system secures curtain into legs and with the shutter slats attached directly to motor tube, the Eyewall Armour shutter does not allow for any upward movement if an intruder tries to lift from the bottom
  3. Guides secured with aluminum rivets to avoid the issue of stainless steel screws causing severe corrosion through contact of dissimiliar and incompatible metals
  4. Some of industry’s highest Load Bearing capacities. The design is so strong that 9’5” x 20’ tall shutter is capable of withstanding over 22,000 lbs of test load pressure


  • available in sizes up to 256” in width and 252” in height
  • Colours available: White, beige, ivory and bronze which include a 10 year warranty on powder coating
  • Vented and non-vented slats available
  • Manually operated versions with a lifting capacity up to 350lbs
  • Motorization available as well as wireless electronics which accomodate a wide range of applications

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