Clear Choice Bermuda

Keeping your home and Business safe

We can provide manual or electric roller shutters, accordion shutters, aluminum and PVC/fiberglass shutters, or Lexan Storm Panels to help protect your home or business in a storm or hurricane.

These shutters also offer a significant level of protection when installed correctly. They are not only durable but also increase your homes resale value. Some statistics suggest that shutters and panels also save on energy assisting with those utility bills and are also very easy to clean and maintain.

Roller Shutters

Aluminum Miami-Dade County approved roller shutters are designed for beauty and strength. As one of the only roller shutters designed with end retention slates, their design prevents curtains from being pushed up or pulled out, providing weather and security protection for your home or business.

Emergency manual winders come standard with every motorised roller shutter.

Accordion Shutters

Miami-Dade County approved aluminum accordion shutters are a great option for storm and security protection when space is limited and does not allow for standard roller shutters. The curtain can be installed in any configuration, dependent on existing door or window operation, with interior and exterior lock options. They are also great for large, sliding doors.

Lexan Storm Panels

2” Eyewall Armor Lexan Storm panels fit all mounting conditions, are lightweight and corrosion resistant, are very affordable and easily installed. They are the ideal choice if you are looking to meet specific design or builder specifications. The panels also meet some of the most rigid testing standards including Florida Building Code approvals. These panels allow light into the space which make them an excellent choice for Bermuda’s weather.

PVC/Fiberglass Shutter

Our architectural shutter is considered the building industry’s best performing, most picturesque shutters and will allow you to have traditional, genuine shutter style without ever having to worry about painting or the effects of weather and time. They do not rot, rust, swell or corrode.

They are available in over 30 colours and can be top hung, side hung or bi-fold.

Aluminum Shutters

The aluminum shutter is considered our most cost effective and durable shutter to date. It comes in 15 colors and can also be sprayed in any custom color you choose.

They are available in top hung, side hung or bi-fold.

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